Club Guidelines and Values

  • ·  Discussions of ideas are always to be encouraged, we have a private forum for this, but this forum must always be use in a friendly and respectful way; everyone is entitled to have their own view, and must also be free to express them, as long as they are not imposing unreasonably on others by doing so.
  • ·  We encourage members to get involved with the organizing of events, but it is also very important that the committee are informed before any action is taken, as it may clash with other events that may be in the pipe line, or even circumstances of which you may not be unaware of.
  • It is up to each individual to decide to volunteer or not, we also appreciate that a lot of members do not have the time, or just simply want to turn up chill out, enjoy the ride outs and the events we arrange, just do your own thing and enjoy yourselves.
  • ·  We elect Officers to run the Club for us and we expect all Members to support them. Any decisions, which they may make, are always made with the best interest of the Club and with its Members in mind. That doesn’t mean blind or automatic acceptance, but it does mean not making their job more difficult or taking a challenging approach without a very good and pressing reason. If any one is unhappy about any aspect of Club life, have a quiet and private word about your concerns with a committee member, as there could be information or circumstances of which you may be unaware. (Please remember we are all volunteers)
  • ·  The Club does not need any specific rules and we are independent from any other club, if any Member persistently or repeatedly behaves in an unfriendly or disruptive way, they may find themselves being asked and, if necessary, being told by the membership to leave. The Club expects all Applicants to understand and accept the need always to take a friendly and respectful approach and to stick to it, even when the outcome may not be favourable to them. The Club is entitled to reserve the right to Membership. Applicants are normally welcome to attend meetings and take part in Club activities as a guest unless the Club’s Officers or Members have objections. If an application is deferred or rejected, the Applicant will be notified as soon as is possible. It will not be possible, however, to release specific details of objections or individuals involved. Some applicants may consider this unfair, but it is not the Club’s intention to create personal animosity between individuals, whether members or not.

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