The Advantages of Joining GoldWings North West

We are a totally independent club and not controlled by any other out side interventions, we do not get involved with other clubs politics, we just enjoy ourselves and we the members decide what we do and when we do it, always taking into consideration other associated clubs events, endeavouring not clash or compete with them, we aim to help each other.

We have our own web site that we have full control of; we also feature events that our associates are holding, where we can meet and enjoy ride outs using their local knowledge.

As a member you get Access to our member’s area where you will find

  • More Information on the Events
  • Members Photo’s & Contact Details
  • Access to Free Expert Advise from other members.
  • Lots of Social Events
  • Ride outs organised by you the members
  • Access to Other Associated Club Events
  • BMF Affiliation
  • For a small yearly membership cost of £12 for Joint membership and £8 single membership, this is to cover administration costs, insurances and web site costs, any surplus funds are used for the members benefits and decided where they will be used by the members them selfs.

Join Now go to (Membership Application)

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